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BITTERwallet.COM Features DBG June 18th.

American women love British men! A website said so!

Quite unbelievably, there’s an American website dedicated to pairing up attractive women with British men.

That’s right, us lot with our awful teeth, PG Tips breath and penchant for gravy and queueing are sought after by women who might be called Chastity or Peggy-Louanne.

The site, called (and we’ve just lost all our male readers who have all signed up in the hope of snaring a woman with a house made out of balsa wood) says that it is “the premiere source for American based chicks (any nationality is ok!) and British chaps (100% British Beef Only!)” and wants to ‘Save The British Accent’, despite the fact that a British Accent probably equates to sounding like Hugh Grant rather than Mark E. Smith or Ian Paisley.


US loves British men

British men are much in demand in the US.

Rebecca Elman, 30, who met her husband while studying acting in London, has set up a New-York based website

She said Americans think British men are “debonair”

(DBG Becca's age wrong. Tut Tut! Becca is 24.)


Too Lazy To Do It

The site took advantage of an event that already had everyone one focused on U.S.-U.K. Relations(no, not the oil spill): they had the launch party at an East Village pub during the U.S.-England World Sup Soccer match. A perfect match (excuse the pun): the World Cup is not only an extremely popular event, in the case the pub was guaranteed to be full of Brits and Americans, the site’s target. We shouldn’t forget how beneficial major cultural events can be to our businesses, even if they don’t seem at first glance to have anything to do with, say, soccer (or should I say football?). took their fun concept, and made it even more fun, by linking it with a popular event, and providing free beer (always a winner) and cute T-shirts reading “BRITISH MEN WANTED” for the ladies. And I don’t know how successful the site will be, but it certainly seems to have gotten off on the right foot.

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