About us: DateBritishGuys.com
Ben & Becca (site owners)
It all started in 2005 when Becca, who originally hails from Connecticut, was studying abroad in London. She had come to England to experience a foreign city and meet new and interesting people. Finding the man she would eventually marry was not high on her list. After several months of enjoying British life, touring Europe and generally having a great time, Becca found herself out one night with friends at The Loop, a London Bar off of Oxford Street.
Also at The Loop that night was Ben, a Brit through and through. Ben was living in London, having grown up in the English countryside on his family's farm. He had moved to the city to live the life of a swinging British bachelor. Well, he was British and a bachelor. The swinging part is up for debate. 
Having purchased a bottle of The Loop's finest cheap wine, Ben was heading back to his friends, when, through the haze of a smoke machine, he spotted Becca. Ben sauntered over and noticing that Becca was American, introduced himself in his most charming British accent. Becca, who has a keen eye for bollocks, saw through the posh act immediately.
Always the consummate salesperson, Ben didn't back down, and with the aid of his charming smile and winning accent, pitched himself like nobody's business. No one knows exactly what transpired, but eventually, Ben's annoying persistence wore Becca down. The pair began a whirlwind romance that spanned the next six months.
After extending her stay to spend more time with Ben, the time finally came for Becca to return to the States. Two days before she was set to leave, Ben took Becca to a champagne bar at the top of Tower 42, named "Vertigo". It was here, atop one of London's tallest buildings, that Ben proposed and produced the smallest diamond on record with what little funds he could pull together. Becca, of course, said yes.
The next ten months were hard for Becca and Ben, who were now on different sides of the Atlantic. They traveled back and forth to see each other every six weeks. Eventually, Ben was accepted into a Master's program in New York City and was able to move to the States. This still meant frequent travel, as Becca was at University in Connecticut for a further three years.
All the back and forth finally paid off when Becca and Ben were married on New Years Eve 2008/2009. When Becca graduated the following May, she moved to join Ben in Manhattan, where unfortunately things didn't work out, and they are living separate lives. Just kidding! What kind of success story would that have been? They are currently living in the Upper West Side, happily ever after.
Though Becca and Ben did not meet on this website, their union inspired many of Becca's friends, who are now looking for British guys of their own. Becca and Ben decided to create DateBritishGuys.com to introduce women from all over the world to British men, and perhaps write a few more success stories along the way.