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THE TIMES (UK) Features DBG June 19th!!!!

Chris Smith dines with Jillian Severin

Accent is on romance, but can British men talk the talk?

The Times, keen to discover whether American women really are hot for British men — and if so, do they know what they are signing up to? — oversaw a blind date in New York to test the mission of a new website, aimed at helping US women find “100 per cent British beef”. In the Viceroy restaurant in fashionable Chelsea.

Jillian Severin, 23, from midtown Manhattan and an aspiring actress, was paired by Ben and Rebecca Elman, the website’s founders and themselves a transatlantic love match, with Chris Smith, 25, originally from Newcastle and a medical researcher living in Hoboken, New Jersey. They talked for an hour, then The Times grilled both separately.

Ms Severin — perfectly made up, funny and sharp — said, yes, the accent was a definite draw. “My friends and I joke it makes us melt on the spot. It’s a primary attraction for me because it signifies someone from a different, unfamiliar culture.

THE WEEK - Features DBG October 4th

Los 11 sitios web más raros para encontrar pareja11 dating sites for weirdly specific tastes

Date British Guys offers Anglophile ladies the chance to find love with their "very own David Beckham, Hugh Grant, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Sean Connery, Prince Harry"... or at least some chap with an accent.

Union Jack Newspaper Sept 10th Features DBG

Single British expats in the USA face a specific challenge in the amour department. We enjoy all these Americans smitten by our perceived class and sexy British accent. Yet we often prefer a kindred spirit we can laugh with. Somebody who knows who Bobby Moore was. Somebody who will charm your knickers off not your panties. Somebody who doesn't refer to Queen Elizabeth the Second, instead of just, the Queen. Somebody who doesn't pronounce it War-cess-ter sauce. The person you share your life with needs to be on your wavelength, methinks. And Americans just aren't, bless 'em.

Anyway, due to the utter desirability of our British selves, a new website has been launched, called Based out of New York, its British creator Ben Elman is seeking male and female Union Jack readers in the USA and UK, to sign up. See their dramatically seductive photo-ad in this issue.

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