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Recent Success Stories
Rob and Marcia

It was all a Blur

Many people say that when you meet the person you’re meant to marry, you just know. Whether it’s a feeling, an inkling, or a prophetic vision of the future, he or she walks in, your eyes meet, and suddenly, you can’t imagine being with anyone else. For proof of this theory, we need look no further than Marcia and Rob.

One day, while browsing our Top 20 Users list, Marcia stopped on User #6. Thinking he was cute, she sent him a wink. User #6 (aka Rob) winked back and the two began chatting over email. They connected through their shared love of British music (Blur in particular), comedy, and television shows. They found they were both very health conscious and enjoy quiet evenings at home watching movies or reading books.

After speaking for a little over a week, Rob decided to buy a ticket to Los Angles to meet Marcia in person. To make it even more of a surprise, they decided not to talk over the phone or Skype before Rob’s trip. When Rob landed at LAX and the two met for the first time, all the nervousness and jitters melted away and they felt like they were two old friends reuniting after a long separation.

Marcia took Rob on a whirlwind tour of LA: hiking in Runyon Canyon, tours of Conan’s studio and the Warner Brothers lot, a showing of Scream at Hollywood Forever Cemetery, and visits to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market, Griffith Observatory, and of course, the house where Nightmare on Elm Street was filmed. (Rob’s a big fan.)

The couple was having a terrific time and really enjoying each other’s company. One day, while out with Marcia’s friends, someone asked Rob is he would ever consider moving to Los Angeles. He said he definitely would, but that it can be quite difficult to do so as a Brit. The friend joked that Rob and Marcia should just get married. While Marcia and Rob laughed off the suggestion at the time, the seed was planted!

A few days later, Marcia jokingly texted Rob to ask it he would like to go to the beach the next day, or if he prefer to just get married and go whenever they wanted. Rob responded with, “Let’s just get married.” Again, the two laughed it off.

Later that evening, Marcia couldn’t sleep. She pulled out her computer and looked up marriage licenses. Half-jokingly, she started filling out the form. When she got to information about Rob, she nudged him awake and started asking for his mother’s maiden name, place of birth, etc. Curious about what she was doing, Rob rolled over and Marcia showed him the form. She was met with a huge grin and a big hug.

The very next day, they went to the courthouse and got their marriage license. Marcia felt like the two were playing a game of chicken, each waiting for the other to flinch. But neither one did.

Love is in the air!

I was just writing to tell you THANK YOU! Because of your site, it put me into contact with the GREASTEST guy I think I have ever met in my whole life.

He messaged me, I'm pretty sure, on the first day or two of me joining the site in June. I ended up e-mailing him, and we exchanged a quite a few e-mails over a 2-3 week period. I badgered him (lol) into adding me onto FaceBook, so that we could use an application on our phones called Voxer, that lets you voice chat and text chat. We both heard each other's voice for the first time, and we both went 0_0 :D. We talked on there all day long, every single day, from that point on. We'd talk til' it was early evening my time, and late his time. I'd wake up to messages from him and immediately message him. And we would talk all day from there. We sent pictures, voice chat, and talked...we shared life stories, likes, dislikes, music.... And it didn't take long before we were both feeling and thinking the same things.

I knew I had already went past falling for him. When I told him, he was ecstatic because he felt the same exact way. He's planning a trip very soon to come see me, and I can't wait. He won't tell me the dates because he wants to surprise me, and it's driving me crazy (but in a good way!)

He's sweet, funny, spontaneous, loves me for me, and doesn't see my imperfections as imperfections. I don't care what we have to do, how long I have to wait, this is the guy for me! Thank you thank you thank you for making it possible! Jennifer

Hi DBG, I wrote previously to you about a guy on here that I met, and how we have been talking non-stop since then, and how we are very much in love now, and planning on meeting, etc. I just wanted to throw a heads up. I took my profile down when I realized I wanted no one else, but my profile name was JenJen25, and he is still on here as saladfingers00. My name is Jennifer, and He is Benjamin. I just wanted to inform you, so you didn't think it was a fake e-mail haha...I dont' know where else to send this stuff, so I hope it reaches you. Thanks again! Jen

Erinn & Adrian

An International Love

Ladies and Gentlemen of,

Did you hear that chiming in the distance? If you guessed it was wedding bells, then you guessed right! We are pleased to announce that two of our own, the lovely Erinn and her handsome prince Adrian, are engaged! Erinn and Adrian met right here on and it was love at first click. Read on to hear how the happy couple met, and remember, your one true love could only be one search result away!

"Hello DBG!

Thanks to you, I am sending in a success story. I can't believe I am the lucky one writing this to you, instead of reading it from someone else in my inbox. It was just about a year ago, when I first joined I've always dreamed of finding my Englishman, and was delighted to find your site.

Bravely I signed up as 'Booklioness'. I was amazed at the amount of people with the same dream: to find the love of their life "Across the Pond". After overcoming my shyness, I eventually started searching and responding to messages. But one stood out to me immediately: 'CuriousFrog'. From the moment we began communicating, I knew it was right.

We proceeded with a barrage of messages, email, text, chatting, and video calls. We were in constant communication and soon planned to meet in the U.S. of A. We did this by arranging a ten-day road trip across America in a convertible Camero. It was the best time of my life. It could not have been any better.

Since then, I have visited him in Blighty twice, and he has returned 'home' three times. We are now engaged, and awaiting approval of our K-1 visa (estimated in August!). It's thanks to you that I met my soul mate. I've heard it said before by others and never truly believed it was possible, but genuine love is out there, if we are persistent in pursuing our dream. I've attached a photo of demonstrates how blissfully happy I am. (See tumblr/facebook and success story page for photo)

Thank you for having this site available to us. Without you, who knows if we'd have been able to meet?

Warm regards,

Erinn and Adrian a.k.a 'Booklioness' & 'CuriousFrog'."

Congrats Erinn and Adrian from all of us at DBG! We wish you many years of happiness.

Andrew and Denise

Andrew & Denise

Denise and Andrew A little over a year ago, after many horrible experiences with other dating sites, Denise found and decided to sign up. Within two hours of creating her profile, she received a message from Andrew, an Englishman who shared her love of hiking and the outdoors.

The two began chatting, and eventually, things progressed to Skype dates. The first time they spoke face to face, the conversation lasted for hours, and after several months of Skyping, Denise and Andrew decided to take the huge step of meeting in person. Andrew traveled to New Jersey, and they met over Greek food, wine, and a big helping of nerves and excitement.

They spent the rest of Andrew’s visit enjoying new foods, the outdoors, and, of course, each other’s company. Andrew returned to visit Denise the following month, but when he left, it would be another four months before he would be able to come back to New Jersey. They were both excited to see one another again and enjoy a lovely Northeastern fall.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had alternate plans. Just as their visit was beginning, Hurricane Sandy hit. The storm knocked out power for ten days, forcing them to take cold showers, search for food, and wait for hours in gas lines. It would be quite the test for most couples, but Andrew and Denise loved it, lighting candles each night and enjoying spending time with one another.

During one of Andrew’s visits, the two went to their favorite hiking spot. At the top of a hill, overlooking New York City, Andrew dropped to one knee and asked Denise to be his wife. It won’t surprise you to hear that her answer was a resounding “Yes!” Andrew and Denise were married here in the States, with friends and relatives in attendance (including Andrew’s family all the way from England.) They are currently living happily ever after.