1. What does "Verified" or "Verified as British" mean on a user's profile?
A. If you see this badge on a user's profile, it means that we have verified their identity based on information they provided. For women, this means that we have compared a picture of them holding their ID to the photo and birthdate they use on the site. For British men, it means either that (1) they have electronically submitted their UK driving licence information to our third party verification partner, Experian, for verification against official UK records, or (2) that we have verified their actual ID photo like we do with women, for example if they live outside the UK or want to use a passport to verify. Please note that if someone is Verified as British, it means they have provided a verified UK identification. It does not always mean they are British citizens. Also for people who verify electronically through Experian, we have not compared their ID photo to the ones they upload to the site.
2. Some dating sites claim to have thousands of members, but many of the profiles turn out to be fake. How do I know the members on this site are real?
A. We promise never to create bogus members to pad our site. We will certainly never send you messages from users who do not exist (a common problem on other, less reliable sites). Our goal is to help you find a match, not further our own agendas!
3. How do you know if members are over 18 years old?
A. If you see someone with a "verified" status. Part of the verification process includes proving you are 18 and over. 
5. I’m not comfortable sending a copy of my ID. Do I need to be verified to use the site?
A. Of course not! You are free to search for matches, chat with members, and even arrange meetings, no matter what your status. Some members may choose to only speak with verified users, but others may be open to chatting with anyone. It’s up to you to choose how you want to use the site. We’re only here to guide you. 
6. How do I upload additional photos?
A. On your profile page, there is a button to upload additional pictures. You can add multiple. (Please keep them around 100kbs in size each.) We recommend adding at least a few pictures so other members can get a better sense of who you are. You may want to include at least one picture of yourself from head to toe to really show off your style. 
7. Certain members keep emailing me even though I’ve told them I’m not interested. I’m tired of their emails flooding my inbox. Is there anything I can do?
A. A great feature on DateBritishGuys.com is the “Blocklist.” Adding members to your Blocklist prevents them from contacting you. Members who are on your Blocklist will also not appear in your searches. You can block them using the Do Not Enter icon in any conversation you have with them. Unless you bump into them on the street, you should never see or hear from them again. Should you have any further issues, please contact us via email through the "Contact Us" page.
8. I want to join DateBritishGuys.com, but I do not want to give any other members on the site my personal information, such as my email address. Is this information kept private?
A. We ask you to provide us with your personal email address when you sign up for DateBritishGuys.com so that we can send you notifications and information about the site. Your email will never appear on your profile page and will never be given out to other DateBritishGuys.com members or third parties. If you wish to provide your personal contact information to other members, that’s up to you.
9. There are some features on this site that I don't like or that I think could be improved. How can I contact you to share my ideas?
A. We love hearing from you and appreciate all of your suggestions. DateBritishGuys.com can only grow and improve through feedback from our members. We encourage all members to let us know what they think. To send us an email with suggestions or concerns, visit the “Contact Us” page and drop us a line.
10. Is there a matching program on the site and how does it work?
A. We have tried to stay away from matching algorithms because we feel they are discriminatory. For example, on another site that has a matching algorithm, what is the likelihood of a white non-religious entrepreneur in his 30s being matched with a black Catholic psychotherapist in her 40s? In real life, they might be a perfect match, and we have seen people of all backgrounds on DBG fall in love. 
For those members who wish to be very selective, we have tools in the advanced search to narrow down the search results, and we have a hotlist/hotlisted you feature that will speed up matching. We also display search results based on when the member logged in last, so the people at the front of your search results are most likely to be active users.
11. I found the love of my life on DateBritishGuys.com and now I want to share my story with everyone. Can I add a testimonial to your “Success Stories” page?
A. First of all, congratulations! We’re so happy you found someone special and we would love to share your story with our other members. Visit the “Contact Us” page and send us an email with the subject line “Success Story.” Tell us a bit about your first date, your first impressions of one another and where you are now. We’ll review your story and will contact you if we want to share it with the whole site.
12. How do I cancel my subscription?
A. This is super-easy to do. Just cancel from your My Account page. You can cancel at any time and you will still be able to enjoy the remaining time of your membership. In addition, if you meet the person of your dreams early in your subscription and decide to delete your account, you can gift your remaining time to a friend. Just let us know their username and make that request to us after you have deleted your account.
13. Hello there I’m new to this site, just wondering how you can get or send messages?
A. To get messages you first must match with another member. Only matched members may send messages. To match you must both add one another to your hotlist. You can see if that user hotlisted you in your “admirer” section.
14. Do you have to be a premium member to send or receive messages and how much is the membership?
A. All members need to be premium members to send and read messages, The cost of membership is as little as $18 per month on a 6 month membership plan.